We redefined “Metal Detector” in AKYOR.
Why not using the processor, memory, analog/digital system of our smart phones to build a cost-effective, compact, light-weight but powerful metal detector?
CSP86 is the most compact professional metal detector with advanced features. CSP86 is powered by your smart phones, no need for external batteries. Simply connect it to the audio jack of your phone, install the app in seconds, you are ready to go...


CSP86, with 20cm diameter coil and 2.5oz weight, is the most compact professional metal detector in the world. It is an advanced ULF/VLF simultaneous multi-frequency metal detector with auto-ground balancing, discrimination and GPS...
CSP86+, with 20cm diameter coil and 12oz weight, is a super compact professional water proof metal detector. It weights similar to a cane. Such a light weight detector does not even need an armrest for long term carrying in hands. CSP86+ is calibrated and pre-programmed for best performance in saltwater...

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